General Sales Tax

The general sales tax rate within the City of Decatur is 9.25%.  This rate increased from 9% on July 1, 2017 as a result of the passage of Macon County’s Law Enforcement Safety Tax Referendum. Sales tax is collected by the state and the City’s share is distributed monthly. There is no local City tax imposed on qualifying food and drugs, vehicles, boats, or trailers.

Information regarding varying tax rates (total rate within City):

General merchandise: 9.25% 

  • Breakdown of general sales tax rate by taxing entity:
  • Distribution of general sales tax rate:
    • State of Illinois       5.00%
    • City of Decatur       2.50%
    • Macon County        1.75% (Increase of .25% on 7/1/17)

Food, drugs, and medical appliances: 1%

State of Illinois tax distributed monthly to the City

Items required to be titled or registered: 6.25%

State of Illinois tax with 1% distributed monthly to the City

Sales Tax Charts

Sales tax charts are prepared and published by the Illinois Retail Merchants Association. Please contact or 312-726-4600 to purchase laminated sales tax charts.

Link to 9.25% Sales Tax Chart

Link to 11.25% Sales Tax Chart