Regulation of pier permits, boat registrations, and duck blinds are found in City Code Chapter 66 and enforced by Lake Services through the Lake Patrol. Licensing is responsible for the maintenance and processing of the billing system.

Contact Licensing to:

  • Change mailing address for your bill
  • Change ownership of a pier – contact Licensing or Lake Services
  • Provide the State of Illinois registration number for your boat
  • Register a new boat for Lake Decatur
    1. Take the Illinois registration or temporary registration form for all motorized watercraft and sailboats to the cashiers window on the 2nd floor of the Civic Center
    2. To register a non-powered watercraft with the City of Decatur you will need a valid legal form of identification, the Serial/Hull number, Make, Model and color of the watercraft.
    3. Provide current phone number
    4. You must by debt free to the City of Decatur
    5. If you cannot come into the office between 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, please contact Licensing

Contact Lake Services to:

  • Inquire about a new pier or duck blind
  • Change ownership of a pier – contact Lake Services or Licensing

2018 Boat Fees


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