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November 2010 Alarm Totals

26 – 1st Alarms (structure fires)
1 – 2nd Alarm (additional units)
0 – 3rd Alarm (additional units)
517 – EMS Alarms (medical, automobile accidents, etc.)
30 – Supervisory Alarms (Smoke alarm activations, water flow alarms, pull stations, etc.)
162 – Still Alarms (illegal burning, car fires, gas leaks)
0 – Airport Alerts (aircraft crash)
0 – Fire Investigations (investigator requested by police, previous fire where no fire company responded)
736 – Total Incident Count

11/13/2010 - 2463 Steele Court
Second Battalion (E-1, E-2, E-4, E-5, T-1, B-1, 312, & 701) responded to a 1st Alarm for a mobile trailer on fire. Battalion 1 arrived on scene, took command, and reported heavy fire in the front half of the trailer and a pickup truck fully involved in front of it. Handlines were ordered to cover the severe exposures on both sides. Engine 5 arrived on scene and began exposure protection. Engine 1 arrived and laid a 5” supply line for Engine 5. The utilities were shut off. The fire was quickly knocked down an d all companies overhauled. 701 investigated. The Red Cross and Ameren were notified.

11/3/2010 - 1730 S. Fairview Ave.
First Battalion (E-1, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6, T-1, T-2, B-1, 312, 313, 701 & 702) responded to a 2nd Alarm for an apartment on fire in an apartment building. Engine 6 arrived on scene, took command, and reported heavy fire on floors 2 and 3 and was stretching an 1 ¾” line to stop the progress of fire. Engine 3 arrived on scene and stretched a line to the hydrant for water supply. Engine 3 then laddered the rear of the building and rescued an occupant that was trapped in her apartment. Battalion 1 arrived on scene, assumed command and called a Condition 1. Engine 1 arrived and finished the hydrant connection. Engine 1 then stretched a 2 ½” line and advanced it up the stairway. Tower 1 setup in the front of the building and performed vertical ventilation. After the rescue, Engine 3 deployed a second 1 ¾” line to assist the 2 ½” line. Engine 5 was assigned to check the apartments on the second floor. 312 responded and took forward command. A 2nd Alarm was called which brought Engine 4 and Truck 2. Engine 4 was assigned RIT and the utilities were shut off. Truck 2 setup on the BC corner in case of fire spread. Truck 2 joined the other companies and assisted with overhaul and final extinguishment. Two additional companies were called and relieved companies on scene. The Red Cross, DAS, and Ameren also responded. 701 and 702 investigated.

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