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City of Decatur Fire Department

Fire PictureFire is comprised of three elements: fuel, oxygen, and heat. Oxygen is always readily available, almost everything is combustible thus making it fuel, and then, if you add the heat, you have a fire. Sounds easy doesn't it? Unfortunately, it is and that is why there is a fire in the United States approximately every sixteen seconds. Nationally, fire is the third leading cause of death. Fires do happen, but MOST of them can be prevented.

Mission of the Decatur Fire Department

To promote life, safety, and property conservation for the citizens of Decatur, Illinois through compassionate, professional service.

What's New......

    We have had a lot of kitchen fires lately. Please check out our page for cooking safety tips at Cooking Fires and Cooking Safety.

Fire PictureThe Illinois Yellow Dot Program is a statewide initiative designed to provide vital medical information on vehicle drivers and/or passengers. Information contained on the medical card assists first responders immediatley following a serious crash. More information may be obtained by visiting the Yellow Dot website at

With the full support of the Decatur Police Department and Decatur Fire Department, the Decatur City Council has approved an ordinace prohibiting vehicles from parking in the fire lanes at shopping centers. On January 23rd, 2013, City Council unanimously passed the ordinance (Chapter 34, Section 32T) making the fine $250.00 for any vehicle parked in the designated fire lane of a shopping center. The ordinace is now in effect.

Check out our link to the Consumer Product Recall website located on our links page.

Kids love bikes. Keep them safe by wearing bike helmets!


Decatur Fire Department 2013 Annual Report


Burning of Waste and Recreational Fires